Rare 1966 Ford Falcon 500 XR Stolen

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These aren’t just sitting all over the place…

An ABC News report out of Australia details out how a man allegedly stole a 1966 Ford Falcon 500 XR in broad daylight. The rare Aussie muscle car is still missing and police are hoping someone has information that will lead to its recovery.

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The vehicle in question was stolen from a family who has owned it since new. Apparently, it was sitting in a shed in Gympie, Queensland (yes, that’s a real name) when the suspect broke in on March 3 and stole the 1966 Ford Falcon 500 XR.


However, the owner of the Ford didn’t discover it was missing until April 3 as he was mowing grass and went inside to get more gas for the mower. We’re not sure how he knew when exactly it was stolen since that isn’t detailed out in the report. We also don’t know how you don’t check on such a rare, valuable vehicle more often.

It sounds like the man thought the Falcon 500 XR was safe from thieves because supposedly nobody knew it was stored in the shed. While it’s just sat in there for the past 20 years, obviously somebody knew about its presence and probably understood at least a little bit about its overall value. In this day and age you can’t just assume thieves don’t know you have a collectable car.

After receiving a tip, police searched a property about half an hour away, finding other items stolen along with the Ford. However, the car was gone. The man at the property reportedly isn’t being very cooperative with the Gympie detectives.

Sadly, Australia like the US and Canada has quite the car theft problem these days. It’s possible the vehicle is no longer on the island nation, or it’s being hidden somewhere until all the heat dies down. We just hope the family heirloom is returned whole to its rightful owner.

Image via Wikimedia Commons

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