Rare 427 Powered Ford Galaxie Is Selling At Henderson Auctions Tomorrow

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One thing you want to look for with any collectible car is rarity, and this 1963 Ford 300 certainly achieves that. Since it has the factory R-Code 427ci V8, it’s one of only 50 cars with that configuration. That’s believable, considering the Ford 300 was billed as an affordable large vehicle, so most people didn’t opt for the more expensive performance engine.

Even more interesting, this car was just entered in the 427 Galaxie Registry. It turns out it’s one of only five known high-performance Ford 300s in the Registry, and one of three R-Code cars. Essentially, this is a classic sleeper, a race car wrapped in sheep’s clothing. In fact, it has a verified race history. That 427 uses two four-barrel carbs to make 425-horsepower, plus there’s a 4.11 rear so you can kick up plenty of tire smoke with this machine. A four-speed manual transmission makes it even more of a blast to drive.

Adding further to the allure of this Ford is a clean presentation inside and out. The black on blue just makes this car scream for the attention is most definitely deserves. Everything looks straight and free of major damage. The chrome on the bumpers, grille, other trim pieces, and under the hood reflects the sunlight like a mirror. The wheels are painted red to match the body, while the hubcaps add a little class.

Both the front and rear bench seats look as if they’ve barely been sat on. Same goes for the door panels and controls, so the previous owners obviously understood just how special this car is.

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