Rare Factory-Sanctioned Wing Cars Selling At Mecum Indy

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These rocket ships are ready to rumble.

Winged Mopars are awesome, that’s just a fact of Nascar, muscle car, and general enthusiast life. You might be thinking about the Dodge Daytona or even the Superbird but those are not the only automobiles under that classification. In fact, this collection is full of them including Dodges and Plymouths from an era most don’t even remember. So what are these incredibly unique looking classic muscle cars? Or more importantly, why should you buy them?

First of all, it’s hard to ignore the incredible 1971 Dodge Charger whose custom bodywork is the stuff of absolute genius. On top of that, the 472 cubic inch V8 engine should provide more than enough fun with 540 horsepower. The second car on the list is yet another muscle car that you might not have seen coming. Unexpectedly, a 1971 Plymouth Road Runner with the same powerhouse rolls onto the scene as the engine roars and the front bumper reflects the design of an old school Superbird.

Maybe you love the wing but not so much the front fascia of the NASCAR legends. Well then this green ‘71 Charger Custom might be up your alley. Other options like this include the ‘71 GTX and finally yet another Custom Charger, this time in purple. The point is, this collection has something for everybody as it shows off the best cars Mopar could produce in 1971, all while not skimping on the performance aspect like a lot of cars of that era do. That’s exactly why you should consider these vehicles for your next automotive purchase.

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