This Rare Jensen Interceptor Convertible Is Selling At The Naples Motorcar Auction This Friday

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Get ready to bid!

A 1974 Jensen Interceptor III has emerged, captivating classic car enthusiasts with its blend of British engineering and American muscle. This classic convertible, known for its distinct design and powerful performance, showcases 66,309 actual miles on the odometer, confirming its well-preserved state and the care it has received over the years.

At the heart of the Interceptor III lies its original 440 cubic inch V8 engine, a testament to the era when American power plants were favored by several European manufacturers for their reliability and performance. Paired with an automatic transmission, this Jensen offers a smooth and responsive driving experience, synonymous with the luxury grand tourers of its time.


The vehicle comes equipped with an array of features that were considered premium for the 1970s. Power windows, locks, and a convertible top ensure a comfortable and convenient ride, while power steering aids in maneuverability, making this classic a pleasure to drive even by today’s standards. The AM-FM radio class unit adds a touch of nostalgia, complementing the overall vintage experience.