Rare No. 36 of 69 Camaro ZL1s Is Roaring Across The Block At Mecum Indy

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Number 36 of 69 really earned its way.

In 1969, there were three main leaders in the pony car world: the Mustang, Firebird, and Camaro, all competing for the top spot and sales numbers across America. Remembering who these brands or marketing to, it's easy to see why these vehicles seem to cater to the fun sensibilities of American youth. As we now know in modern times, there are a certain number of trim levels from that errand that would later go on to become some of the most highly valuable and desirable models on the American classic market. This particular Camaro is one such example of that phenomenon.

Built in 1969, Chevrolet certainly had performance in mind when designing this ZL1 as everything from the sleek, yet aggressive-looking, body to the performance-oriented rally-style wheels reflected a sense of sacrificing niche add-ons for Pure performance. You'll notice that the suspension sits pretty low compared to other Camaro models. You might expect that was very much done on purpose as it not only makes the subtle green pop a lot more on the road but also helps with aerodynamics and traction. Overall, you can tell by just one look that it was made to go fast and look good doing so but how does it get there?

Under the hood, you'll find a 427 cubic inch V8 engine, one of Chevrolet's best designs at the time and known specifically for making a ton of horsepower. You can imagine that torque is pretty easy to come by in this engine which is why you need a strong gearbox to back it up. That's exactly why connected to the 427 cubic inch V8 sits a four-speed manual transmission. Topping everything off this is number 36 of only 69 Camaros produced like it making the Camaro extremely rare, to say the least. For all of these reasons, it's the perfect automobile to appeal to classic car-minded automotive enthusiasts which is exactly why you should consider taking it for a spin.

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