Rashee Rice’s Problems Multiply After Dallas Crash

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Rashee Rice’s Problems Multiply After Dallas Crash
Rashee Rice’s Problems Multiply After Dallas Crash

The problems Kansas City Chiefs wide receiver Rashee Rice is facing after the huge car crash him and his friends reportedly caused on a Dallas freeway just seem to be multiplying. Although for now it seems his pro football job is safe.

A former Seattle Seahawks player is being held in jail without bond.

In case you haven’t heard what originally happened, a C8 Corvette and a Lamborghini Urus which were rented by the NFL player were caught on dashcam speeding down the freeway in an apparent street race when they crashed into multiple other cars.

There was some confusion about whether Rice was involved or not at first since he allegedly fled the scene of the crash. However, he later took responsibility. And now he’s facing mounting problems.


The latest development involves victims in the crash who claim they were “severely injured” suing Rice and SMU cornerback Teddy Knox (the other driver involved in the crash) for $10 million. USA Today reports that two plaintiffs filed the lawsuit on April 11, claiming the two football players displayed negligence on the road.

What’s more, the victims claim Rice and Knox showed no sympathy or remorse after the crash. Several other people were also injured.

Dallas police issued an arrest warrant for Rice. The NFL player turned himself in and put up the $40,000 bond. His attorney framed the incident as his client being cooperative and responsible in the fallout, reports WFAA.

But this means he’s now facing a list of criminal charges, eight in total to be exact. Six of them are counts of collision involving bodily injury, one is collision involving serious bodily injury, and one is aggravated assault. All eight charges are felonies. Knox has been hit with the same eight felony charges.

We’ll see if Rice’s attorney is able to cook up a deal with prosecutors or if the case will make its way to trial.

Despite all this, NBC Sports reports that it’s likely Rice will retain his position on the Kansas City Chiefs. However, there’s still a risk the NFL will impose a penalty which might force team brass to decide anything about his tenure.

While the chances for severe consequences are somewhat solidifying, some are waiting to see if the professional athlete and his college athlete friend get a slap on the wrist, then are allowed to keep playing.

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