Are These The Real Abandoned Supercars Of Dubai?

Sometimes the legend outpaces the reality.

One of the more legendary things car enthusiasts like to talk about isn’t unicorns or Bigfoot sightings but instead how people will just abandon amazing supercars in Dubai for reasons they can’t fathom. To take an incredible machine and just park it somewhere, then walk away and let it literally gather dust seems basically criminal to someone who would pretty much kill to own a Koenigsegg, Pagani, Ferrari, McLaren, etc. so it’s easy to see why these stories hold such a sway on enthusiasts.

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Not that many have the opportunity to check out the car scene in Dubai and see the abandoned supercars for themselves. Instead, the masses have to rely on social media posts and a few articles about the topic. Some feel there’s been a certain… slant to these stories. That’s where YouTuber effspot comes in.

Like many who break away from official or mainstream narratives, effspot says he’s felt the wrath of YouTube many times. At one point the guy said YouTube was trying to shut down his channel. Other times he’s complained about videos being demonetized. The guy has a core following and we respect the work he does, even if we don’t always see things exactly the way he does.


To give us a view at what he says are the “real abandoned supercars of Dubai” effspot put together a nice YouTube video of his experience in the Middle Eastern city. He and his friends found a big parking structure where a number of cars inside were obviously abandoned, a thick coating of dust gracing them.

Not all the cars that are abandoned would be classified as supercars. While some are quite expensive luxury vehicles, they’re not exactly exotic, high-performance track machines. Still, it begs the question of why someone would park them there to just gather dust. Some people even wrote messages in the dust to ask about buying these rides, but we wonder if the owners will even see them?

Effspot checks out some other car culture hotspots in Dubai earlier in the video. If you want to skip all that and go straight to the abandoned supercars, start at 8:20.

Images via YouTube

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