Real Cop In Fouth-Gen Camaro Poses As A US Marshal

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Real Cop In Fouth-Gen Camaro Poses As A US Marshal
Real Cop In Fouth-Gen Camaro Poses As A US Marshal

Usually when we cover police impersonators they’re guys who wanted to be cops but for some reason couldn’t. It’s not too uncommon that they’re working as a private security guard. But this has to be the first time we’ve seen an actual cop charged with impersonating a federal agent. It’s a bizarre case from Ohio complete with footage of when police showed up to arrest the cop posing as a US Marshal.

Wait until you see what car this teen used to impersonate police.

Back in April 2022, Officer Logan Malik of the Washingtonville Police Department was in Boardman, Ohio where he told several workers at a business in the township that he was a U.S. Marshal looking for skinheads in the area.

If you’ve ever seen U.S. Marshals in action, you’d know immediately Malik’s getup and the fact he drove his own fourth-gen Camaro to the scene was all just way off. Plus, the guy looks about as intimidating as a wet noodle or an avid soy milk customer.


But when the local police show up and ask him what he’s doing, Malik quickly states what police department he’s really with. The guy also claimed he “was just being friendly with people” as he spoke with them. His rapid speech and nervous mannerisms indicate he knew the jig was up.

In one of the most boneheaded moves, Malik handed out business cards with his real name and phone number to employees at the one business. The cards clearly stated he was with the U.S. Marshals.

Ultimately, Malik was sentenced to 30 days in federal prison for this stunt back in early October. He went through a trial, receiving a conviction in June, with his attorney trying unsuccessfully to get Malik off the hook because of a PTSD diagnosis. So it’s possible he’s out of prison already but we doubt he’ll ever work as a cop again.

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