This Is How You Can Really Disappoint Your Mother

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This Is How You Can Really Disappoint Your Mother
This Is How You Can Really Disappoint Your Mother

Usually when we cover grown men who run from cops and get caught, if there’s any mention of their mommy it’s them crying for police to call her. But in this case, an intoxicated driver flees from a state trooper while his mom is riding shotgun. And his car catches on fire. She has several reasons to be so very disappointed in her son.

Watch a mom take her kids on a chase with police.

What initially tipped off this Arkansas trooper that the driver might be intoxicated was that he saw the Ford Fusion driving through a parking lot at night with no lights illuminated, other than a blinker. We’ve seen this sort of thing far too many times and have wished there was a cop to witness it. This time there was.


The trooper tries pulling the Fusion over, but the driver guns it and the chase is on. While the suspect really gave the pursuit his all, being intoxicated has its definite disadvantages, like how he eventually just can’t seem to find the road.

First the guy veers off the to the left, through a ditch, onto some poor person’s property, then uses their driveway to angle back towards the road. Then he goes off the right shoulder, into the ditch, up a slope, and slams his Ford nose-first into a tree. Brilliant.

At least the suspect doesn’t put up a fight. In fact, he seems eager to get out an surrender to police, almost like he’s been arrested before (he has). That’s when we learn his mommy was his passenger through the entire chase.

We know what you’re thinking: what kind of mother rides in a car with her intoxicated son driving? On the dashcam footage she seems like a nice lady, but maybe she’s too nice?

While the trooper is cuffing the suspect, a guy in a truck rolls up and says, “Do you need any help?” When the suspect replies that he doesn’t, the guy in the truck says, “I was talking to him,” indicating the trooper. Classic.

After that, our lovely suspect asks the trooper if he can smoke a cigarette. Later he tells the trooper that is he lets him go he’d “be so grateful.” He’s definitely the main character in every situation.

While all this is going on, mom is still sitting in the car that soon will become a raging inferno. She must be so proud.

Image via Police Pursuits/YouTube

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