Recall: 2024 Volkswagen Atlas for Possible Engine Failure

2024 volkswagen atlas lineup
2024 VW Atlas Recalled for Possible Engine FailureVolkswagen
  • 2024 Volkswagen Atlas and Atlas Cross Sport crossovers could be affected by a connecting rod bearing problem, which would lead to catastrophic engine damage.

  • The recall notes there are only 2,018 potentially affected units.

  • Recall letters will be mailed to affected customers on October 20, 2023.

If you bought a new Atlas or Atlas Cross Sport, take note. Volkswagen is recalling over 2,000 examples of its popular crossover because of a potential engine problem. The recall notice says a possible connecting rod bearing failure would cause catastrophic engine failure.

If you’re wondering what happened, the NHTSA recall notice helps shine a light on what went wrong. According to the notice, contaminants in the bearing production process could cause increased wear on the bearing and will result in premature failure. This could then lead to further catastrophic damage if the problem is ignored.


There is some good news for ’24 VW Atlas buyers. First, if you happen to be one of the 2,018 affected US customers, you can take your new Atlas to your local Volkswagen dealer to be inspected. After the inspection, if the technician deems it necessary, you’ll be getting a new engine. The better news? This recall only affects the ’24 model-year Atlas crossovers that were built before May 12, 2023. That means if you have a more recent build, you shouldn’t be affected.

Of course, if you’re curious you can always check the Volkswagen recall tool, or the NHTSA recall tool to see if your car has any open recalls. Otherwise, Volkswagen plans on rolling out a notice to customers on October 20, 2023.

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