Reddit's r/miatalogistics Is a Tribute to the Real Ones

miata logistics
Reddit's r/miatalogistics Is a Tribute to HeroesChris Perkins

Americans often buy way more car than they need. A three-row crossover for the one time a year you have to take six people to the airport, a three-quarter ton pickup to haul yard waste to the dump every spring, etc. Miata owners know that you don't need so much car, and they're documenting it over on a subreddit called r/miatalogistics. It's our new favorite thing.

See, we've lived this life. The photo at the top of this post is from me. When I owned a '96 Miata, I replaced the stock steelies with a set of 15-inch alloys from an NB Miata, but after I bought the wheels, I needed to transport them and the ancient tires they came with. I figured why not try it in the car? I took the spare out of the trunk and put it behind the driver seat—I'm only 5' 7", so there was enough room—put one tire in the trunk, one more on the shelf where the top usually sits, and two in the passenger seat. Was it the safest thing I ever did? Probably not, but it worked, and it was genuinely one of the highlights of Miata ownership.

Reviews Editor Mack Hogan has used his supercharged ND to drive all the way down to the Pacific Coast and head to the beach for surfing. Senior Editor Kyle Kinard uses his NA Miata to transport bikes to races across the Pacific Northwest. Editor-at-Large Travis Okulski used his old NA Miata to move apartments, and once, he somehow got former Deputy Editor Bob Sorokanich to squeeze into the trunk of an ND test car.

nd miata trunk
Travis Okulski

Miata owners work for their joy. They know that the trade-off between driving dynamics and storage space is well worth it. And it's not as if Miata owners are stuffing their cars to the brim on a daily basis. Most of the time, they, like most drivers, are by theirselves. The difference here is that they're enjoying the hell out of one of the world's best sports cars.


These joys extend to other sports cars. Currently, I own a second-generation Boxster and I once managed to get a set of 16-inch BBS wheels across its two trunks, leaving the interior totally empty. I've also made many Lowes runs in the car, though attempting to get a vintage coffee table in the passenger seat ended in failure, and a mark that's still on the passenger seat a year later.

Head on over to r/miatalogistics for lots of fun, and ask yourself how much car you really need. It's probably less than you think. Maybe even a lot less.

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