Redneck Fast And Furious Has Us Wanting Tickets

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This incredible race car is truly a ridiculous build with tons of attention to detail and a massive powerhouse under the hood.

Many car enthusiasts are enormous fans of the Fancy & Furious movie franchise because of the action-packed races, strong family values, and emphasis on the car community, even if they get a lot of stuff wrong. One of the most famous scenes in the entire series is the infamous quarter-mile drag race in which Dominic Toretto and Brian O'Conner beat a speeding train ridiculously. However, most people have probably never noticed the third competitor lurking in the background due to the sheer speed of this incredible vehicle. This is the elusive Ginger Billy, and he is the ultimate street racer in a redneck hot rod which he has deemed the king of the Fancy & Furious franchise.


If you blink, you may miss this insanely powerful black Chevy street racing legend, as the vehicle has some pretty intense horsepower figures. First of all, you'll notice some subtle features that hint at the ridiculous speed that this crazy car offers. A massive handcraft wing on the rear of the vehicle creates plenty of downforce for cornering and acceleration. In addition, the enormous hood scoop on the hood of this racing icon helps send air straight to the massive powerhouse and adds an extra 13.5 horsepower to the already powerful engine.

One could only imagine what powerhouse could be hidden under the hood of this sizable sports hatchback. Perhaps, due to its emphasis on Chevy performance, it boasts the all-new 632 ci 1,000 horsepower V8, which has been fitted with a dual supercharger, tri-turbo, exhaust delete which boosts the figures up to more than enough to beat any car from the silver screen. That is precisely why this vehicle was able to win Dom's Charger. Of course, we cannot forget the famous NAZZ systems that afford the car an extra power boost to make quick work of any competitors. All of this modification amounts to a vehicle that is so incredibly powerful that the aforementioned hood scoop couldn't handle the insane g-forces as it took off into the sunset, possibly to be used in a new Ginger Billy project such as his Am-Buh-Lance or redneck rocketship.

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