Reese Gold Flys Off Track After Contact in Indy NXT Race

gold flying out of the gravel
Gold Flys Off Track After Contact in Indy NXT RaceIndy NXT / X

Reece Gold was running in third with eight laps remaining in the second Laguna Seca Indy NXT race of the weekend when Jacob Abel attempted to pass on the inside while entering the Corkscrew.

Gold was punted off track, sending him soaring over the hill with sand flying behind him. When he reentered the track, his hard hit to the pavement folded his front push rod and broke his suspension.

Abel, in an overcorrection, ran wide and exited the track to the left, giving fifth-place running Bryce Aron a gain of two positions. Abel was given a drive-through penalty for his involvement in the crash.


Gold can be heard over the radio apologizing and telling his team, "I was trying so hard, guys." Absolutely gutted to exit the second race of the weekend in poor fashion. He finished 14th on Saturday and after his damage on Sunday, 18th.

Louis Foster went back to back to secure both victories this weekend to extend his points lead over Abel, who, after serving his penalty, finished 11th, and Caio Collet, who finished second.

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