Reggie Jackson Reveals Greatest Regret About Sleeping Around In His Heyday

Reggie Jackson looked back at his swinging days and didn’t like what he saw on Howard Stern’s show Wednesday. (Watch the video below.)

The New York Yankees Hall of Famer, known as Mr. October for his World Series heroics, expressed regret for how infidelity cost him love.

The shock jock asked him if opening his heart to a woman was difficult.

“It wasn’t hard for me to open my heart, but it was hard for me to be loyal,” Jackson replied. “As a man, I cheated a lot.”

“I won’t blame it on any excuse,” he continued. “I just cheated. I saw a pretty girl, and I tried to sleep with her.”

Stern noted that Jackson even had a candy bar named after him, enhancing the celebrity he used to attract women.


“I had access, and I took advantage of it, and I missed a couple of wonderful ladies in my life, and it was my fault,” Jackson said wistfully. “I didn’t get it.”

Jackson, 76, mentioned his current relationship with a woman he has known for many years and said he was amenable to marriage.

He was married once and said he has a “wonderful” daughter, Kimberly. “I wasn’t married when I had her, but what an unbelievable experience. ... She’s given me two grandchildren ― two boys and one of the kids, the poor son of a gun, he looks just like me,” he said.

Jackson, who hit 563 home runs in his career and won five World Series titles with the A’s and Yankees in the 1970s, is the subject of a new documentary on Amazon Prime Video beginning Friday.