Remember When An Arizona Police Administrator Was Pulled Over

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Remember When An Arizona Police Administrator Was Pulled Over
Remember When An Arizona Police Administrator Was Pulled Over

If you’ve ever suspected that there are two sets of rules in society, one for the common man and one for the elites, this incident involving one of the top cops in Arizona getting pulled over for speeding, weaving through traffic, and not signaling. He was let got with an “educational warning” but two months later the media found and released the bodycam footage, the whole thing erupting in controversy.

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Here are the facts: back on October 12, 2019 then-Arizona Department of Public Safety Director Frank Milstead was pulled over by a Yavapai Country sheriff’s deputy for going 90 mph in a 75 mph zone. The deputy also observed the Range Rover Milstead was driving had been weaving through slower traffic, failing to use its turn signal while rapidly changing lanes.


Sitting in the passenger seat of the luxury British SUV was Milstead’s then-fiancé, Angela Harrolle, a successful real estate agent. The two were on their way to attend a memorial service for Harrolle’s late husband who was killed in the line of duty as a police officer.

Many believe had this same situation involved just a regular driver the deputy would’ve issued a pretty hefty ticket for the speeding alone. Under the current definition of criminal speeding in Arizona, which we aren’t sure if it’s been updated since this incident, Mistead was in the clear since he hadn’t exceeded 20 mph above the posted limit.

Some still think he should’ve been arrested, perhaps because they have a bone to pick with the guy. We don’t, but we still can’t imagine being pulled over in a situation like this only for the cop to give us a warning.

Considering Milstead and his girlfriend were in an SUV that rivals the value of some lower-end houses in a sane real estate market (which we don’t have at the moment), we’re sure they could’ve afforded to pay the ticket and have Milstead attend traffic school online. But can you imagine the fallout between DPS and the Yavapai County Sheriff’s Office?

Milstead posted about the incident on Twitter after he was outed. Even though he admitted he did wrong, some took his “apology” to be more like gloating about how he faced zero consequences from the actual traffic stop.

Two sets of rules, everyone, and you’re probably not in the elite club.

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