Renting Cars To Celebrities Sounds Crazy

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This guy has some interesting stories to tell…

John Ficarra, who used to own Creative Film Cars, has some wild stories of renting all sorts of cars to celebrities. When you cater to the stars who do all kinds of strange fashion shoots for magazines or music videos, they’re wanting some rare and bizarre vehicles. And while Ficarra no doubt made good money dealing with the odd requests and the prima donna attitudes which came along with many of the jobs, even more importantly he gathered many entertaining stories.

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This highlights how if you have a vintage vehicle, especially something unusual like a military transport, fire truck, or maybe a DeLorean, there’s money to be made by renting your ride out to celebrity events like these. Some of the recruiting is done through clubs, so if there’s a club for the type of vehicle you own, that’s just another benefit of joining.

image credit: YouTube
image credit: YouTube

In the video, you’ll hear all about how Ficarra has a man crush on Ewan McGregor. He met the Star Wars actor who famously played the young Obi-Wan Kenobi at a Men’s Journal shoot where a Land Rover Defender was present. According to Ficarra, McGregor is pretty chill and adventurous, or at least he was in that single incident.


There’s also a weird story about a production company renting an M35 series 2 1/2-ton 6x6 military cargo truck. It was for a certain rock band who wanted to make a manly entrance at an awards show, but they had a trick for making themselves look “green” and it’s pretty cringey. How Ficarra didn’t burst out laughing at people when they revealed these cock and bull schemes is a testament to his professionalism. Funny enough, the scheme seemed to work with the “right” people.

Check out the video and hear Ficarra’s stories for yourself, including a secretive photoshoot with a DeLorean DMC-12 and a fussy photographer.

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