Report: Bears need to spend ~$45 million in cash to meet cap floor

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Bears need to spend ~$45 million in cash to meet cap floor originally appeared on NBC Sports Chicago

The Bears have a long road ahead in the current offseason.

They've done some damage so far. The Bears signed Tremaine Edmunds to a four-year $72 million deal. They brought on T.J. Edwards to a three-year $19.5 million contract. And, they acquired DJ Moore, who will make around $20 million per year over the next three seasons.

However, their spending is far from over. They still have 2023 cash to spend to make ends meet with the NFL cap floor, according to PFF's 
Brad Spielberger.

Spielberger does an excellent job of explaining the Bears' financial situation in the Twitter thread.

Remember, cash is different from cap. If you research the Bears' cap space as it stands, you would see they have $38 million in cap space left. Obviously, that wouldn't make sense as to how they would need to spend $45 million while only having $38 million left in cap space.

As Spielberger mentions in the Twitter thread, extensions and in-season spending count toward hitting this figure. Plus, the Bears don't need to meet that number before the season. They have until the end of the 2023 league year to reach the floor.

Darnell Mooney, Cole Kmet and Jaylon Johnson are all extension eligible this offseason. That can add to the spending floor.

This all goes to prove the Bears will inevitably make it. They still have the 2023 NFL draft class and the free agent market to sift through. Once players are cut closer to training camp, the Bears will likely be involved.

Last offseason, they claimed the most waiver wire pickups of any team, signing seven guys who were cut from their respective teams.

Don't fret. The Bears still have plenty of cap space to expend should they decide to make other moves in free agency this offseason. Their spending figures are mainly technicalities under NFL cap rules.

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