Report: Ex-NBA Star Paul Pierce Is Getting His Range Rover Repossessed

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Report: Ex-NBA Star Paul Pierce Is Getting His Range Rover Repossessed
Report: Ex-NBA Star Paul Pierce Is Getting His Range Rover Repossessed

Former NBA superstar Paul Pierce appears to have quite the life even after he’s left the court behind. However a new report claims Pierce’s 2019 Range Rover is up for repossession, a problem one would only expect those going through serious financial hardship to suffer.

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As unbelievable as this story might be, The Blast claims to have obtained legal documents from JP Morgan Chase Bank that indicate Pierce owes a whopping $91,459.55 on the 2019 Range Rover. Allegedly, the former professional athlete stopped paying for the luxury SUV at the end of 2022 but has retained it in his possession.


One would think for Pierce even $100,000 would be no big deal, something he could easily pay out at the drop of a hat. After all, the man is reportedly worth over $50 million. That said, many NBA and NFL stars, among other celebrities, go wild with their large fortunes, mismanaging them to the point that while they own a lot of things, they have a tidal wave of debt mounting.

We don’t know if that’s the case with Pierce, but we’ve seen that situation play out many times before. Plus, The Blast points out in its report that Pierce has had financial problems in the past, with creditors taking legal action against him.

The legal filing goes on to elaborate on the situation further, stating that back in 2019 Pierce entered into a closed-end lease agreement for the Range Rover. In other words, he was paying on a lease for the British SUV without any obligation to buy it at the end of the term.

How long the lease was drafted to last and when it official ended or ends wasn’t stated, but perhaps that has something to do with why Pierce allegedly stopped paying on it at the end of last year? Surely he has his own version of events, but so far we can’t find an official statement from the man.

In the meantime, Pierce might walk out of the store one day to find his Range Rover was scooped up by the repo man.

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