Researchers are testing out a highway to charge your EV while you drive

image of two men kneeling down to examine a section of pavement
Professor John Haddock and Oscar Moncada, a graduate student, examine a slab of concrete pavement with wireless power-transfer technology.Provided by Consensus Digital Media
  • Indiana researchers are testing out a highway that can wirelessly charge electric vehicles.

  • They say their technology is so powerful that it can even charge an electric semitruck.

  • Transmitter coils installed under the pavement transmit energy to receiver coils on the EVs.

One of the biggest downsides of owning an electric vehicle is having to stop and charge it, but a group of researchers out of Indiana wants to change that.

The solution? Highways that can wirelessly charge your EV while you drive, even at high speeds.

Engineers at Purdue University and the Indiana Department of Transportation announced last week that they're developing a section of highway that could charge electric vehicles, even electric semitrucks, while they drive at 65 mph.

image of research team with technology
The Purdue University engineers Haddock, Nadia Gkritza, Dionysios Aliprantis, and Steve Pekarek are testing the technology.Purdue University photo/Vincent Walter

Construction begins Monday on the quarter-mile test section of US Route 231/Route 52 in West Lafayette, Indiana, the university said in a press release.