Residential parking rules in Erie will change April 1. Here's what that means for you.

City of Erie residents and visitors, get ready for the annual spring change in residential parking regulations.

Here’s a breakdown of the yearly change in parking rules, which take effect in the city on April 1.

What are the residential parking rules in the city as of April 1?

Starting April 1 and continuing through Oct. 31, one day each week is designated “no parking” on many city streets between 8 a.m. and 4 p.m.

New residential on-street parking rules go into effect in the city of Erie on April 1.
New residential on-street parking rules go into effect in the city of Erie on April 1.

Why is this necessary?

The rules are in place to accommodate street operations such as cleaning and pothole repairs.

What residential parking rules were in place before April 1?

The city annually implements what’s known as winter odd-even parking regulations, which began Nov. 1 and regulate parking on weekdays during the winter. Those regulations end March 31.


Those winter parking rules make it easier for streets crews to plow snow.

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What are the fines for violating residential parking rules?

Non-metered parking violations are $30 if paid within 10 days of issuance; $40 if paid between 11 and 30 days of issuance; $100 if paid between 31 and 90 days of issuance, and $135 if paid after 90 days.

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Who can answer my parking questions?

Anyone with questions can visit the Erie Parking Authority’s website or call the authority at 814-456-7588.

The authority handles enforcement of on-street and metered parking for the city. The city gets all parking fine revenue that the authority collects.

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This article originally appeared on Erie Times-News: Here's your reminder: Erie PA on-street parking rules about to change