A Retro VW Bus with Mustang Power

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Meet John's Masterpiece!

Picture a vintage VW Bus: the iconic '60s design, the emblematic VW emblem, the hum of its modest air-cooled engine producing 25 horsepower. Now, throw most of that image out the window, except the nostalgic exterior, because John's reimagined VW Bus is nothing short of an automotive spectacle.

Check out this restored Volkswagen Microbus here.

John isn't new to restoring the classic VW Bus, but his latest project is turning heads and ruffling some purist feathers. Unlike the traditional restorations he's undertaken, this bus breaks from tradition, merging the soul of a classic with the heart of a beast.


"It's the bridge between eras," says John, referring to the surprising engine under the hood of this vintage machine: a Ford Aluminator crate motor. This 5.2-liter V8, generally reserved for those looking to spice up their Mustang GT, offers an explosive upgrade from the humble origins of the VW's engine. And yes, for those wondering, it's a derivative of the coveted Coyote engine.

Crafting this powerhouse required expertise and innovation. John teamed up with Art Morrison to tweak the chassis to snugly fit the expansive Coyote engine. The VW now boasts a rear suspension system inspired by the Camaro Gen 5, a testament to its enhanced stability and performance.

John's dedication to perfection shines through in the intricate modifications he made to the power steering and fuel lines, ensuring a seamless integration of old aesthetics with new functionality.

The bus doesn't just rev with vigor; it moves with grace, thanks to its 6R80 automatic transmission. And to complement its enhanced engine, it sports a custom pair of HRE wheels – 19 x 8.5 inches in the front and 19 x 10 inches in the back. And when it's time to hit the brakes, those Wilwood brakes, sporting six-piston calipers up front and four at the back, ensure the vintage VW halts with modern efficiency.

In essence, John's VW Bus is more than just a restored classic; it's a testament to the magic that can happen when past and present collide in the world of automobile craftsmanship.

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