Rick Ross Adds A Private Jet To His Collection

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Rick Ross Adds A Private Jet To His Collection
Rick Ross Adds A Private Jet To His Collection

These days if you’re a celebrity and don’t own a private jet, well you’re just that all that successful. That said, we’ve wondered what took rapper Rick Ross so long to add a jet to his rather amazing collection of cars and other vehicle.

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Instead of just getting some demure little thing, Ross popped for a pretty sizable jet and emblazoned it with his name in gold down the sides, including dollar signs for the las two Ss. Plus there’s a Maybach Music Group insignia on the tail.

The aircraft is a 2012 Gulfstream G 550 with twin Rolls-Royce engines. Duncan Aviation did the custom paint job which will ensure Ross never mistakenly gets into the wrong private jet, because that’s just super embarrassing. It’s also a baller move since most celebrities get a wrap on their airplane. While cheaper, wraps tend to peel off aircraft thanks to the principles of aerodynamics. So Ross did a much more expensive paint job.

While Ross revealed this exceptional purchase in the middle of the summer, everyone has been waiting for a reveal of the interior. The speculation is that the rapper is having it made ultra-luxurious and flashy, staying consistent with the man’s style when it comes to his many cars.

We can’t wait to see what kinds of over-the-top things Ross has included in the aircraft he’ll use to attend events and vacations around the world. Something tells us we’ll see plenty more photos of the inside of this airplane once it’s ready.

In case you don’t know, Ross has a collection of over 100 cars and motorcycles. He also holds a car meet at his mansion in Florida every year with plenty of celebrities in attendance.

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