Rick Ross Doesn’t Know How Many Cars He Owns

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Rick Ross Doesn’t Know How Many Cars He Owns
Rick Ross Doesn’t Know How Many Cars He Owns

Rick Ross certainly enjoys the finer things in life, so it made sense that he recently sat down with luxury auto publication Robb Report to discuss luxury items and his car collection, among other things. But in that interview a shocking revelation came to light: the man doesn’t even know how many cars he owns.

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For those who don’t know, Ross’ collection probably dwarfs what Jay Leno has, despite many auto journalists and others slobbering over the comedian’s collection. Don’t get us wrong, Leno has an impressive garage, but it gets so much focus because Leno markets it well.


Ross isn’t exactly secretive about his collection. A few years ago he parked it all in a line on his property and the sheer number of rides was astounding. And he’s bought many more since then. Just like Leno, Ross has to hire people to manage all these vehicles, many of them worth more than a lot of family homes, so we find it a bit crazy that he doesn’t know how many he has.

It’s like when someone who’s fabulously wealthy doesn’t really know the full extent of their assets. They seemingly have to contact their financial advisor to give even a somewhat decent answer about that question. And we wonder how often they’re bamboozled by those who are supposed to be managing their fortune.

We certainly hope nobody is stealing cars from Rick Ross, but how would the man even know? Sure, he might miss some of his favorites immediately, but surely there are some rides he doesn’t lay eyes on regularly? There might even be vehicles he owns that he doesn’t remember ever buying.

With an airplane added to his growing list of luxury items, Ross told Robb Report he would like his next acquisition to be an NFL team.

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