Ride Along In A Ladder Truck Responding To A House Fire

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Ride Along In A Ladder Truck Responding To A House Fire
Ride Along In A Ladder Truck Responding To A House Fire

If you’re like us, you’ve always wondered what it’s like to ride in and steer the tail end of a ladder truck. After all, the design of the extra long vehicles is unique and it has to be considering their rather specialized function. A firefighter decided to strap on a GoPro so we get his point of view as he steers the tail end of the ladder truck and responds to a house fire, making for a super interesting video.

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First of all, it’s obvious the back end of the ladder truck is anything but luxurious or glamorous. The ride is obviously quite bouncy, more than the video shows since newer GoPros have a stabilizing function to smooth those kinds of movements out.


Maybe some of you will think that kind of a bouncing ride sounds like fun – on that we agree. But other people would get motion sickness or otherwise just plain hate it.

When you add on top of that the cramped quarters, limited forward visibility, and the multiple fans inside likely indicating there’s no air conditioning and you have yourself something which could be rather unpleasant.

We’re sure there’s a steep learning curve for getting down going through turns and over maneuvers at the tail end of a ladder truck, too. Hats off to all the firefighters who perform this job and get the essential equipment on location safely.

They even thread the needle, getting the firetruck down a narrow, tree-lined drive to reach the house on fire.

Once they’re arrived, it’s amazing to see how quickly everyone gears up and gets on the blaze. We know they train all the time for these scenarios, but it’s still impressive to watch firefighters work like greased machinery.

Fortunately, the quick response time coupled with plenty of training allows these firefighters to knock the flames down rapidly, saving the house from being consumed.

Image via Kyle Paul/YouTube