Rider Hits 400km/h (248.5 mph) on Kawasaki H2R

Rider Hits 400km/h (248.5 mph) on Kawasaki H2R

Turkish World Supersport Kenan Sofuoglu has managed to hit 400 km (248.5 mph) on a Kawasaki H2R.

That’s a magic number that several riders have been trying to hit with the rip-snorting Kawasaki ever since it was released last year. In this case, the feat was accomplished on the Osman Gazi Bridge in Turkey. The 2.68km bridge (1.66 miles) is the fourth longest suspension bridge in the world, spanning a section of the Gulf of Izmit, and providing the perfect place for Sofuoglu to make his attempt.

In a dramatically soundtracked video announcing the accomplishment, Sofuoglu manages to reach the mind-melting speed in just 26 seconds. His team said they were eager to hit the record-breaking speed so quickly to minimise the risk of tire blowout.

“I do not remember where I got this idea,” Sofuoglu said afterward. “The first time I rode [the H2R], I felt its huge power and speed... The top speed we get to in the world championship races is about 300 km/h, so 400 km/h is a really high speed. It was a dream to reach this speed and thank God I made it.”