Ringbrothers Showcase “PARAMOUNT”

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The Reinvention of a 1961 Rolls-Royce Silver Cloud II.

Ringbrothers, synonymous with innovation in the custom car domain, have once again dropped jaws at the 2023 SEMA Show. Meet “PARAMOUNT,” a reimagination of the 1961 Rolls-Royce Silver Cloud II. Breathing new life into this classic, Ringbrothers have injected it with 640 horsepower without compromising on the original's British luxury and opulence.

Despite reengineering it from the foundation, the bodywork remains loyal to the original. The brilliance lies in the details, such as the pristine BASF Glasurit’s “White as Fluff” coat and specially machined badging. As Jim Ring, Ringbrothers co-owner, succinctly puts it, "While she might seem shy at first, the custom interiors and the roar of the engine hint at the beast that lies within. It's luxury with a dash of mischief."


Peek under the hood, and the revamped 6.2-liter LT4 engine is hard to miss, serving up a commanding 640 horsepower. It's not just power; it’s about harnessing that power. The Bowler Tru-Street 10-speed automatic transmission paired with a custom QA1 carbon-fiber driveshaft ensures a seamless transition of force. Ride comfort isn't compromised either, thanks to the Roadster Shop Ride Line front suspension and a meticulously constructed chassis.

And how can we talk about a Rolls-Royce and not touch on luxury? The interiors are a delightful blend of tradition and modernity. With a dash adorned with machined billet switch gear and updated instruments offering modern metrics, the juxtaposition is simply enthralling. The pièce de résistance is undoubtedly the starlight headliner, where over a thousand LED lights recreate a constellation, ensuring the interiors remain as regal at night as they are in the day.

Mike Ring, another mastermind behind Ringbrothers, reflected on the journey of crafting this beauty. “Our attempt was to merge the dignified heritage of Rolls-Royce with a modern sensibility, all while ensuring a healthy sprinkle of American flair. Clocking in over 3,400 hours on this project, we've poured heart, soul, and innovation into every corner."

Ringbrothers have long been pioneers in the industry, pushing the envelope with high-tech design, avant-garde interior materials, and path-breaking fabrication techniques. The "PARAMOUNT" is a testament to their commitment to blending tradition with state-of-the-art innovation, resulting in masterpieces on wheels.

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