Rivian Hints It May Have Secret New Models in the Works

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Rivian Hints at Even More New Cars to Come SoonRivian

Rivian has already announced the next two cars in the company's pipeline: the smaller R2 SUV and hatchback-shaped R3 crossover. R2 and R3 are still in the works, however, with production years away — but it seems the electric vehicle brand's plans don't necessarily stop there. A slide in the brand's June 27th Investor Day event shows what appear to be renderings of five different vehicles under covers, all of which are in addition to the R2, the R3, the brand's commercial van, and two generations of R1T and R1S.

rivian investor day slideshow

The photo is part of a slide deck first shared on Threads a day before the event. It shows 12 slots for Rivian products, organized under "Gen 1," "Gen 2," "MSP," and "Affordable Mass Market." The unrevealed products sit under sheets,


Interestingly, one covered car is found in the "Gen 2" column along with the recently-updated R1T and R1S, suggesting Rivian may planning to roll out another new vehicle before the R2 and R3 arrive. Another covered car sits with the R2 and R3 in the column for the brand's upcoming mid-sized platform, hinting at a third product with the same underpinnings. Finally, the entire final category — Affordable Mass Market — remains hidden; the sole hint is the name, which suggests these vehicles may cost even less than the R2's expected $45K base price.

Unfortunately for those hoping for extra insight into these models, the segment in today's investor call featuring those slides was focused on software, rather than physical products. Presenter Wassym Bensaid did make a point to mention Rivian's $5 billion partnership with Volkswagen, and that some of these boxes could actually be a more general reference to Volkswagen products with Rivian technologies, rather than specific new Rivian models. Still, the covered boxes under the current second-gen R1 platform and upcoming mid-sized platform suggest at least two more planned Rivian products remain unannounced.

Via InsideEVs.

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