Road Rage Doesn’t End Well For Ford Escape

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Road Rage Doesn’t End Well For Ford Escape
Road Rage Doesn’t End Well For Ford Escape

Chances are where you live you’ve noticed road rage is an increasing problem. Most people believe where they are is one of the worst, if not the worst place in the country for drivers targeting others aggressively as they rage out. But few have caught on camera a road rage incident like this one in Dallas, Texas.

Watch a Tesla and diesel pickup get into a road rage fight.

The battle on a highway transition ramp involves someone in a Ford Escape crossover deciding they’re going to try stopping a Ram truck pulling an empty trailer from passing. The little Ford brake checks the much larger, heavier truck and swerves as the other driver tries angling into the other lane.


This standoff causes traffic behind to back up, with our initial camera car honking its horn as that driver is obviously frustrated by the dangerous stoppage on the highway. That isn’t enough to shame the Escape driver into just dropping things as that person keeps swerving to keep the Ram from passing.

Finally, the Ram guns it and the Escape moves to block late, the truck ramming it (and living up to its name). As the pickup slides past the Ford, the trailer catches on the front bumper cover, tearing it off.

A lot of people are having trouble feeling sympathy for the Ford driver. While we don’t know what happened before, even if the Ram driver had done something dangerous or rude, this kind of behavior is inexcusable.

Ultimately, the Ford driver couldn’t escape the consequences of his actions and now will face a likely steep repair bill. Local news station WFAA said it to the Dallas Police Department to see if anyone had been charged in the incident, but they hadn’t received a response.

Image via WFAA/YouTube

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