Roasting Tires Gets Australian Camaro Driver Busted

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Nobody saw this one coming!

One of the most American activities is taking your high-powered muscle car and roasting the back tires. It makes them stickier and so is great prep for doing a hard launch, plus it looks cool and so can be used as a flex at car meets. That seems to be exactly what was going on with this Chevy Camaro driver as he was in a line of cars at a meet in Australia when he decided to light ‘em up. The only problem is there was a secret cop sitting right there.

Watch a Mustang driver caught looting get busted hard by the cops here.

That’s right, one of the BMWs sitting behind this Camaro is an undercover police officer. Thanks to the wonders of modern LED lighting, cops can have all kinds of emergency lights embedded in their vehicle and you’d never notice them until they’re turned on. It really does keep criminals on their toes since police aren’t as obvious as they used to be.

We love car meets, but the unfortunate truth is it only takes a few morons to ruin one. They come in and start doing burnouts, sitting on other people’s rides, harassing patrons going to stores, and in general doing everything they can to piss off everyone and get the cops called.

According to the guy who took this video using his dashcam, doing a burnout in Australia will get your car impounded for 30 days. We’ve covered people doing burnouts or drifts on public roads Down Under before, facing the stiff consequences of such hooliganry, so that seems to be true. What’s surprising is in a parking lot the law seems to be the same. We’re not attorneys and we aren’t experts on Australian laws, so if you know more about this topic please comment so we have more context about what’s going on here.

Watch the video for yourself (warning: language).

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