Romanian Billionaire Forgot He Owns A Ferrari F40

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Romanian Billionaire Forgot He Owns A Ferrari F40
Romanian Billionaire Forgot He Owns A Ferrari F40

A Romanian car collector with a massive collection recently admitted to forgetting he owned a Ferrari F40. You might have heard of Ion Tiriac or the Tiriac Collection, a museum which features some of his rides. Well, the man apparently has trouble remembering all of them.

Rick Ross doesn’t even know how many cars he owns.

Some car collectors are rather compulsive, and when they have massive fortunes, they can afford to accumulate quite the array of vehicles. When that happens, their collection is usually spread out among several locations. Combined with a busy schedule and many things on their mind, it’s easy to see how one might forget about owning a few vehicles in the lineup.


But we can’t imaging forgetting about having a Ferrari F40. The supercar is so iconic, it would be one of the centerpieces of even some of the most impressive car collections in the world. That’s what really blows our minds about this story.

The shocking revelation came out during an interview posted on the Tiriac Collection’s official YouTube channel. He said that for about a decade, it slipped his mind that he purchased a Ferrari F40 previously owned by Formula One driver Gerhard Berger.

After buying that iconic supercar, he said he had it stored in Munich, Germany. And then he pretty much forgot all about it.

When another car collector, whom Tiriac didn’t name, tried buying the F40 off him, he rejected the offer. Then Tiriac purchased a second Ferrari F40.

While some might think this is a big flex for Tiriac, we’re not quite as impressed. Like other gearheads, we have a certain reverence for the F40 since it’s not only an amazing supercar for its time, and even by today’s standards, but was also the final project personally overseen by Enzo himself.

But we guess when you own a number of rare vehicles, a single F40 fades from your memory?

Image via Tiriac Collection/YouTube