Rotating Sites Could Be in F1 Scheduling Future

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Photo credit: NurPhoto - Getty Images
Photo credit: NurPhoto - Getty Images

Formula 1 may be on the verge of some sort of site rotation in order to sign more deals with more Grands Prix hosts.

Already at 23 scheduled races for 2022, Formula 1 teams argue that the calendar is now at bursting point with other venues—Las Vegas maybe?—still wanting to be part of the F1 circus. One way around that might be to sign more race deals on the basis of a system of annual host rotation, where two or more sites rotate hosting Formula 1 races on an every other year basis.

"That is one possibility that we are looking at," F1 CEO Stefano Domenicali confirmed to German media outlet Auto Motor und Sport.

One particular target is the United States, with Miami joining Austin on the schedule next year—and rumors now hinting at a third U.S. race before long.

"As of today, the U.S. market would be ready for that," Domenicali said. "We are also in contact with Africa and other countries in the Far East. But believe me, I would also like to see Germany with us on a stable basis for a long time."

Currently, historic F1 host nation Germany is completely absent from the calendar because of high sanctioning fees. Domenicali admits it is frustrating that the public and commercial situation in Germany is not allowing for race hosts to simply sign a normal race deal.

"Especially when you consider the interest Germans have in motorsport," Domenicali said. "I regret that because I personally believe, and this goes for the entire motorsport industry, that they are not giving the right answer to the passionate fans. I will work hard to see what can be done, together with the manufacturers and our partners."

One possibility is that if Volkswagen brands Audi and Porsche enter F1, that may re-ignite German interest in Formula 1.

"I can't answer the question about the VW group because it's not my decision," said Domenicali. "But I hope that every new element leads to a wake-up call, so that they want to be part of the family. That would be more than welcome.

"My biggest regret is to see that the German market is not interested in hosting a Grand Prix."