Run Faster, Jump Higher With McLaren Tennis Shoes!

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Run Faster, Jump Higher With McLaren Tennis Shoes!McLaren

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What to wear to the Miami GP? Fast shoes! Here are a few choices for fun feet.

Sure, you liked Bruce McLaren, maybe you even saw him race in the Can-Am or in one of his F1 triumphs. Or maybe you were a fan of the McLaren glory days when Prost and Senna lead everyone in Formula 1. Well now’s your chance to show your true fandom – with your feet!

Los Angeles-based sneaker maker K-Swiss is collaborating with McLaren for the first of three collaborative collections of shoes. No, the tennis shoes are not made of carbon fiber. Actually, they look rather comfy.

“As a team of race car engineers who are on their feet for upwards of 12 hours a day and work in extreme weather conditions, it was imperative they have shoes that can perform for as long as they do,” the statement said.

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K-Swiss/McLaren also offers a more traditional shoe.Adobe After Effects

So K-Swiss, “working closely with McLaren,” is using its patented The Tubes technology to produce the official 2023 team footwear for all McLrean racing mechanics, engineers, and VIP staffing. But do you have to be a topflight F1 engineer to get a pair? No! You can get your own online at, or in an actual store in Miami called Addict. Prices for the shoes range from $120 to $200, but the “Slide Sandal” is just 55 bucks. More styles launch later.

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The Ferrari shoe may be the fastest in qualifying, but will it win the race?Ferrari

You can also get official Ferrari shoes from but, like the cars themselves, the Ferrari footwear costs more. You can drop $530 on a pair of screaming yellow Puma for Ferrari Nitefox sneakers in Giallo Modena yellow, a Ferrari exclusive.

Even more expensive, but looking a little weirder are the Ferrari x Puma ION F Puff red sneakers with plastic buckle latch for $650, or the Puma for Ferrari ION F Miami sneakers with plastic buckle for $450.

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Mercedes shoe used to be the fastest but has struggled of late.Mercedes-AMG Petronas F1

Lewis Hamilton fans can get Mercedes-AMG Petronas Formula 1 Drift Cat Decima Motorsport Sneakers for a bargain $75.99.

Racing in F1 is expensive but tennis shoe ownership is less so.

Still too much dough? I found Max Verstappen socks for $14 and an Oracle Red Bull Racing Bucket Hat for $51 here. Have fun!