RV Campgrounds Are Engaging In Economic Discrimination

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RV Campgrounds Are Engaging In Economic Discrimination
RV Campgrounds Are Engaging In Economic Discrimination

We admit to having absolutely no idea some RV campgrounds have age restrictions these days. We’re not talking adults-only campgrounds, which we could understand, but instead putting restrictions on how old the RVs can be.

We bet the RV campgrounds would just love this overlander.

According to YouTube channel Grateful Glamper, many of these campgrounds won’t allow any RVs which are older than 10 or 15 years, depending on management. If you’ve been shopping for an RV, you know the newer ones are considerably more expensive, so this is rubbing a lot of people the wrong way.


Likely these policies were put in place to keep trashy RVs and their equally trashy occupants out of the campgrounds. You probably know exactly the type we’re talking about: constant drama, loud, getting drunk and causing a scene, starting fights with other people, etc.

Not wanting those types around is understandable. But these policies are keeping a lot of campers with nice, well-maintained but older RVs out. Does that even make sense?

After all, someone who has an attractive, well-running older RV is probably pretty responsible. They’re not the types who are out swilling beer at 10 am and throwing the glass bottles come noon while screaming at each other. But they’re getting lumped into the same group as people who do behave that way.

People in the RV community like Grateful Glamper are rightly upset about these policies. Not only does it exclude them from many options as they travel around, it’s impacting the resale value of their vehicles. After all, once people realize having an older RV is a liability, prices for them drop while values for newer models increase.

Ultimately, these policies amount to economic discrimination, as Grateful Glamper points out in her video. It’s a way for campgrounds to keep people who aren’t as affluent out, likely because affluence in their mind equals good behavior. But we all know that isn’t necessarily the case.

Besides, some affluent people like the charm or even the savings of an older RV. They shouldn’t be penalized for that.

Image via Grateful Glamper/YouTube