Sammy Hagar’s LaFerrari Auction Is On Hold Because It Needs A New Battery

Image: Barrett-Jackson
Image: Barrett-Jackson

Sammy Hagar has an extensive car collection. From a Jaguar XKE to multiple Ferraris, it’s safe to say that Hagar is a car enthusiast. One of the hardest things an enthusiast can do, though, is part ways with one of their cars. Recently, Hagar announced that he was selling one of his prized Ferraris, a LaFerrari, to the highest bidder. Until a dead battery stopped the sale dead in its tracks.

That auction has run into a bit of a problem, as USA Today pointed out. Right now, the sale of the vehicle has to be placed on hold because the LaFerrari is in dire need of a new battery.

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Image: Barrett-Jackson
Image: Barrett-Jackson

A full vehicle inspection by Barrett-Jackson recently found that the LaFerrari’s battery was done, as it had reached the end of its eight-year life span. Of course, you can imagine battery replacement costs in a $1.4 million hybrid supercar aren’t cheap. Apparently, many owners get taken advantage of on the replacement costs, but one owner on a LaFerrari forum mentioned it cost them $11,014.08 and $12,556.05 to replace the batteries, which is still a ridiculous amount.


As for Hagar’s LaFerrari, the auction is on hold for most of the year. The LaFerrari is now slated to cross the block October 10-13 2024, just in time for Hagar’s 77th birthday. Hagar mentioned he’ll hate to see it go. Like a true enthusiast, he seems to appreciate the fact that these cars are made to be driven: “If I could just park that car in my living room and sit in it with some popcorn and watch movies, I’d do it. But these cars, all cars, are meant to be driven. It’s the most amazing car I’ve ever owned. But it’s time.”

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