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Samsung's Galaxy Watch 5 Pro is 30 percent off right now

It's down to $315.49 from $450.


The Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Pro woke up and chose (relative) affordability today. It's available on Amazon with a 30 percent discount dropping its cost from $450 to $315.49. This offer is the lowest price we've seen for the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro so far, dipping quite a bit below last month's $394.49.

Samsung's premium smartwatch is 30 percent off right now.
$315 at Amazon

The Samsung smartwatch is a newer and relatively comprehensive option, with features like complete body composition analysis and GPS route tracking. The Pro sets itself apart from the standard Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 with improved battery life, a better bioactive sensor and an advanced sleep tracker.

However, if those last bits aren't as important to you, the standard edition is a similar smartwatch that so happens to also be on sale. The Bluetooth model is 22 percent off, dropping to $219 from $280. The LTE alternative is a little more expensive, with a 25 percent off sale bringing its cost from $330 to $247.95.


As far as the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Pro is concerned, the 30 percent off deal is only available in black with Bluetooth. If you're after the black or gray models with LTE, there's still a 12 percent discount, bringing the price down from $500 to $440.

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