San Bernadino Car Thief Causes Multi-Vehicle Crash

Still believe car theft is a victimless crime?

We can’t believe there are still people out there arguing that car theft, among other property theft, is a victimless crime. These individuals often cite insurance as the reason it’s no big deal if someone steals a vehicle, clearly demonstrating they’ve never in their life had to file an insurance claim for anything.

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An even better example of why car theft can victimize not only the owner of the vehicle that’s stolen but other people in the community comes via ABC 7 Los Angeles. Back on April 30 a suspect was driving a stolen car in San Bernadino when they ran a red light, causing a multi-vehicle collision.

A news report shows some of the aftermath and it looks pretty bad. An old Ford Ranger has some obvious front end damage, one car is turned on its side, others have roof and side damage, etc. A total of seven people were injured in the accident, two of them critically, all caused by someone in a stolen car.


While it’s true people in cars they bought and paid for do cause accidents, we think you’re more likely to be careful and not just blow through red lights, barreling into cross traffic in a vehicle you worked hard to buy and care about preserving.

As for the suspect, that person ran away after causing the crash and hadn’t been apprehended. Since the vehicle obviously isn’t registered to them, they might never be caught. Meanwhile, people are dealing with painful injuries, possibly some life-altering, plus medical and car insurance claims that come with copays.

Speaking of insurance, another way car theft is victimizing everyone is increasing rates. If you’ve noticed your insurance keeps going up, theft is one reason why. So the next time someone tries to act like car thefts aren’t a big deal, you’ll know that’s a load of rubbish.

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