Sargeant seat under threat but future ‘within his hands’ – Vowles

Williams team principal James Vowles has confirmed Logan Sargeant’s future with the team is “at risk” and he has to improve his performances, but insists the door isn’t closed on him retaining his seat.

Sargeant is out of contract at the end of the season and has struggled to consistently be close to teammate Alex Albon since making his debut for Williams last year, with a best finish this season of 14th. Multiple crashes since the start of 2023 have also increased the pressure on the Floridian, and with Albon committing to a new long-term contract, the focus has been on the likes of Andrea Kimi Antonelli and Valtteri Bottas as potential replacements for Sargeant in the future, with Vowles admitting a change could be on the cards.

“We’ve had a direct conversation, which is a very hard conversation when you do it,” Vowles told Sky Sports. “But the simple matter of facts are, what I’ve already explained, is that he is at risk. That’s the simple matter of fact behind it.


“He has to perform above where he is. It’s a meritocracy. I’m helping him on that journey. I want him to be successful. But in the meantime, we are talking to a few other drivers because we have to to get our ’25, ’26, ’27 line-up correct.

“We’ll come to you when it’s ready to… I would say a few weeks you will see some potential news in that area.”

However, Vowles clarified he is not currently considering a change of driver line-up during this season, despite asking the FIA if it would permit Mercedes junior Antonelli – who has the required Super License points – to race before he turns 18 at the end of August.

“What I’m talking about is ’25, ’26 drivers, nothing about this season. What I’m talking about is how do we create the right foundations going forward on things. And in a few weeks won’t be signing, it will be me ready to say to the world ‘this is where we are’. And part of it is out of respect to Logan, I’ve given him an opportunity and these are where he has to step up towards things.”

Sargeant was running an older-specification of floor at Imola as only Albon received the lighter upgrade, and despite the clear doubt over the American’s future, Vowles says the driver still has the opportunity to retain his seat longer-term.

“Definitely. I explained to him the controls are within his hands and there is absolutely things he can be doing in order to create an environment for him where he continues within Formula 1. It’s not the decision’s done. It’s not the door shut.

“That’s the whole point. I believe in having a human conversation and a human conversation is ‘This is where you are, this is where you need to be, and I’ll work with you as much as possible but you’re in control of that destiny, not myself’.

“That’s how I am fundamentally, it’s how I’ve been through my career and whether it was a driver or an engineer or someone within the organization, I feel it’s respectful if nothing more to lay out what has to be achieved.”

Story originally appeared on Racer