Save the Galaxy with These Rocket-Blaster Amusement Park Rides from the 1940s

amusement park jet ride mecum auctions
Start Your Own Space Force with These Rocket RidesMecum Auctions

Sure, you already have a Bugatti, a couple Ferraris, and a Duesenberg, but none of those can fly into space, blasting aliens the whole way. Well, now your collection can be complete.

Mecum Auctions’ “Florida Summer Special” July 10-13 in Kissimmee will feature 1500 cars, but the only ones you want are these two right here. Described only as “1940s Amusement Park Rocket Rides” and “Road Art,” there is precious little additional info available. They were previously part of the Sarasota Classic Car Museum, but that museum’s packing up and moving to a new location so no one there is answering the phone.

The mystery deepens. Do these come from Area 51? We don’t know…

a blue and white amusement park rocket ride
One is red, one is blue. Mecum Auctions

The rockets appear to be in good condition, ready for flight to Mars, Pluto, or wherever aliens threaten civilization. Seating is back-to-back, with guns mounted at each end, the better to defend the universe. Naturally, flames adorn the front, no doubt suggesting friction from atmospheric re-entry. Fins on the back imply stability as the atmosphere thickens.


Each is six feet long and two feet in diameter, just right for little space rangers. One is red and white, the other blue and white.

There is no estimated hammer price, nor is there a reserve listed, suggesting the bargain of the auction. If you get them, let us know how well they fly, we might do a ride review.