This Scaled-Up RC Car Is a Road-Legal EV

the little car company tamiya wild one max
This Scaled-Up RC Car Is Actually A Road-Legal EVThe Little Car Company

It’s been over two years since The Little Car Car Company showed off its first production concept of a life-sized RC car. While not actually meant to be operated with a remote, the brand has officially pulled the cover off the Tamiya Wild One Max, a road-legal, junior EV based on the 1980s RC icon.

The RC toy version of the Tamiya Wild One first arrived back in 1985, quickly becoming a star in the world of scaled down cars. Due to its popularity back in period, the Tamiya truck made for the perfect basis for a project of this kind. That said, things have changed quite a bit since the early prototypes from The Little Car Company were first displayed. Based on customer input, The Little Car Company stretched the Wild One Max in almost every direction. The team added 3.9-inches to both the length and width of the EV in an effort to make it more accommodating for drivers and passengers alike. The crew also adjusted the front suspension towers to improve visibility, while also improving pedestrian crash safety.

Speaking of suspension, the Tamiya Wild One Max comes equipped to handle the sort of abuse a genuine RC car might face. The front suspension has been revised into a double wishbone layout, bolstered by Bilstein dampers and Eibach springs at all four corners. Combined with the 14-inch off-road tires, the Wild One Max provides drivers with approach and departure angles of 34.1 and 50.8 degrees, respectively. It also features a breakover angle of 28.4 degrees. Behind the wheel and tire package sit a set of Brembo brakes, which will be useful in slowing the EV down.

the little car company tamiya wild one max suspension detail shot
The Little Car Company

There isn’t a ton of equipment inside the Tamiya Wild One Max, which is to be expected with an “RC” car. A pair of Cobra bucket seats with four-point harnesses are about the extent of the pleasantries, aside from a single 5-inch display with marine-grade switchgear. The Little Car Company did use that added width to increase cabin space compared to the concept, however.


It's powered by eight removable battery packs, which combine to provide 14.4 kWh of power. The company says those batteries should provide the Wild One Max with enough juice to do some serious driving up to speeds as high as 60 mph. Of course it doesn’t hurt to have a “small” battery when the vehicle only tips the scales at around 1000 pounds. All Launch Edition models will also come with a UK and EU road use pack, which help the Wild One Max meet all L7e quadricycle regulations for use on public roadways.

The Little Car Company only plans to build 100 examples of the Tamiya Wild One Max Launch Edition. Pricing and delivery information is expected to arrive later this year as production draws nearer. Other variants of the blown-up RC are sure to follow, but don’t expect them to come at a budget price. The Little Car Company is known for its incredible scaled versions of the Ferrari Testa Rossa J, the Aston Martin DB5 Junior, and old Grand Prix Bugattis because of just how pricey they can be. Regardless of that little detail, who hasn’t wanted to get behind the wheel of an RC car for an afternoon?

the little car company tamiya wild one max rear three quarter highlight with bike riding man
The Little Car Company

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