Scummy C4 Corvette Gets Full Detailing

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Even mouse bones like the Corvette.

One of the most underrated generations of the Corvette has got to be the C4 which combined unique engine design with a great looking body to be an American icon. It’s insane how many overlook such a wonderfully made sport time that perfectly combined some of the brands most prominent ideologies. Nevertheless, many of these go to get shoved away in the garage and forgotten about, often rotting for decades before they were ever discovered. However, there is one man who seems to be on a bit of a mission to restore every classic car you get to the end zone, at least in the detailing department.


Check out the C4 Corvette that floats here.

When we first see the vet, things are looking really rough for it. The body is covered in scratches and swirls, is chips of paint having fallen off overtime and mini animal is seem to of made it so for home in the interior. It’s pretty easy to see why someone would want to have this car fully refreshed from a detailing perspective. That’s exactly why the detailer gets hard to work right to work begins with some simple pressure washing on the outside.

Just from this task, you see mounds of dirt and accumulated dust from years of sitting in a dank garage quickly fall off the body and float away in the water. Once that is done, a thick layer of sudsy soap is applied, not to mention the cleaning of the interior. In order to keep the body of the car looking pretty good even after the job is done, he layers the car with some clay which acts like a sort of wax. Looked at is a highly skilled action, the clay should provide a lot of protection if done right. All that was really left was to clean out the interior, and pull out all of the rodent skeletons within. Overall, the car looked fantastic after its thorough washing and you really have to wonder what it’s going to be like once the vehicle is finally restored. Perhaps we will even see it again once the job is finished.

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