Seattle Man Breaks Into Garage, Guzzles Gasoline

Seattle Man Breaks Into Garage, Guzzles Gasoline
Seattle Man Breaks Into Garage, Guzzles Gasoline

And you thought only Florida Man did this stuff!

A Seattle man was recently caught in a residential garage without the owner’s permission, sitting in a Toyota Highlander while sipping on a gas can. Police had to break the window of the crossover and drag the belligerent man out, exercising caution because he was holding a hammer at the time. To say his behavior was disturbing would be quite an understatement.

Another 12-year-old has been caught trying to carjack people in Washington, D.C.

It seems the Florida Man phenomenon has been spreading elsewhere with inexplicably odd behavior like what we would’ve expected out of the land of ‘gators. Sadly, this man was lurking around the outside of the home, holding a piece of wood, while a 17-year-old girl was there alone on August 18, prompting her to call her father, who in turn called police.


The girl retreated to the safety of her bedroom and was so scared to come out that she wouldn’t answer the door when officers arrived. Hearing loud banging inside the residence, officers decided that was probable cause to kick in the door since it was possible the man was inside attacking the teen.

Fortunately, the man decided to sit in the garage and guzzle a little gas as if he were a sports car. This isn’t what mother meant when she said you could be anything in your dreams.

Not shockingly, a man who moments before was trying to get in the last few sips of gasoline also resisted officers as they cuffed him. As reported by Fox 13 Seattle, the 40-year-old has a history of criminal offenses dating back to at least 2013, so this was far from his first rodeo.

The man reportedly brought the gas can with him, so it’s possible he planned to burglarize the residence, then torch it. Charging documents state he helped himself to some pizza and chips while rummaging around in the house. Why he was sitting in the Toyota with the gas can isn’t entirely clear.