Security Guard Police Impersonator Allegedly Tries Pulling Over A Police Captain

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Security Guard Police Impersonator Allegedly Tries Pulling Over A Police Captain
Security Guard Police Impersonator Allegedly Tries Pulling Over A Police Captain

Cops really hate police impersonators for several obvious reasons. When given the opportunity to bust one, they will jump at the chance and hope it discourages any copycats. So when a security guard allegedly tried doing a traffic stop on a police captain in New Mexico, the state police responded and took care of business.

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According to NW Bodycam, which uploaded the bodycam footage of this incident to YouTube, this all went down on November 4, 2023. The unnamed captain was off duty and driving down Interstate 40 when he says the security guard attempted to pull him over using red and blue flashing lights. However, when the captain started pulling over, thinking the unfamiliar car must be with the sheriff’s office, the suspect switched off the lights and kept driving. That’s when the captain called for active units to respond.


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As is often the case, the security guard was driving a vehicle which at a glance would pass for a police cruiser. He’s also wearing a tactical vest with a radio, first aid scissors, and other items which would cause a lot of people at first glance to believe he is in fact a cop.

This guy tries telling the police he’s in charge because they’re on a business property he’s paid to patrol. He clearly doesn’t understand that you can’t commit a crime on a public road, then flee to private property and act like that’s touching home base in a game of tag.

After he refuses to hand over his driver’s license the state police explain that’s going to earn this guy an immediate arrest. He doesn’t back down, then resists arrest. That’s interesting because his behavior isn’t too dissimilar to car thieves and other criminals we’ve seen flee from police.

The rent-a-cop also tries lecturing police after he gets arrested. He even nitpicks how they perform the technical nature of their job. Genius move.

This incident brings up an interesting question about these private security services: should they be mimicking the look of law enforcement so closely? Every state has its own set of laws regarding this sort of thing, but do those laws go far enough?

We’ve heard a fair number of these rent-a-cops were police rejects or never entered the academy. It makes sense that someone who wanted to be a police officer but couldn’t or felt they couldn’t would get a job that’s somewhat similar. But does that encourage these guys to impersonate law enforcement?

This isn’t the first time we’ve covered a security guard getting busted for impersonating a police officer and we’re sure it isn’t the last. In this case the charge was dismissed on a technicality, but state police have since refiled, so the outcome is pending.

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