See If You Can Spot The Difference In Lamborghini's New Logo

Photo: Lamborghini
Photo: Lamborghini

It’s a big day for people whose passion is graphic design, as Italian supercar maker Lamborghini has just rolled out its first logo refresh in almost 20 years. Don’t worry though, as it’s nothing too revolutionary. Instead, the new logo is merely arefinement of the bull badge that the firm first introduced in the 1960s.

For its new emblem, Lamborghini took a page out of the same design book several automakers have already used to refresh their brands with new badges. Lambo opted for a simplified, flattened version of its old logo, similar to the design refreshes from brands like Skoda, Nissan and Lamborghini’s own parent company, Volkswagen.

As a result is a two-dimensional image of the bull, in the middle of a gold and black shield. The Lamborghini font up top remains, in the same soft-gold hue, which Lamborghini describes as “minimal yet bold.”

It’s a smart and understated rework of the Lambo logo, and will soon start appearing on corporate materials shared by the brand. What’s more, Lamborghini said in its unveiling that the bull at the center of its badge could soon appear alone, and free from its shield prison going forward.