Semi Hits Bus In Ohio, Killing 6 And Injuring 18

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Semi Hits Bus In Ohio, Killing 6 And Injuring 18
Semi Hits Bus In Ohio, Killing 6 And Injuring 18

Just after 8 am on November 14 a semi-truck slammed into the back of a charter bus loaded with high school students as the two traveled on Interstate 70 in Ohio. Sadly, three teenagers and three adults were killed in the crash, which ignited a fire gutting the tractor-trailer and damaging the bus heavily.

Semi-truck tries to help end police chase. It doesn’t go so well.

Ohio State Highway Patrol said the accident was a chain reaction which caused the bus, semi, and three other vehicles to collide. One of those other vehicles was an SUV traveling behind the charter bus, so it was sandwiched between the two larger vehicles, says WBNS. It was in that SUV the three adults who died were traveling.

One of those adults was a teacher from the high school. The other two were parents acting as chaperones. The group was on a high school band trip in what should have been a joyous occasion.

Apparently, there was a slowdown thanks to an earlier crash on that stretch of the interstate. Investigators with the National Transportation Safety Board were still trying to sort out the exact sequence of events, but it sounds like the semi slammed into the SUV and bus, but that hasn’t been confirmed.

However this happened, we have yet again an excellent and tragic reminder of why drivers need to stay alert at all times. Even on a freeway that’s seemingly moving without problems, traffic can slow or come to a halt suddenly, making not only being aware but leaving plenty of stopping room between you and the vehicle in front of you something which could very well save your life.

People in Mineral City, Ohio are reeling from the accident since the students who were killed attended a local high school.

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