Sensational 1989 Ferrari Testarossa Is Selling On Bring A Trailer

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This unexpectedly high performance Ferrari is an Italian masterpiece.

In 1989 there was one European company that stood above the rest in terms of sheer performance capabilities and style. That manufacturer was Ferrari, an Italian brand known primarily for their innovations in the world of racing. Most people know them either for the 1960s era or for modern day performance achievements but the 1980s were a time when Ferrari truly spread their wings and began to fly on the racing course. This Testarossa is a perfect example of that.

Built in 1989, you definitely shouldn’t let the slick black paint job fool you into thinking this is in any way a humble or modest automobile. Looking closer you’ll see the sharp and angular body lines which reflect that of a rocket ship built for the ground have remained unmolested by the damaging effects of time. Needless to say, the Italian sports car has been kept in wonderful condition Even despite having been built 34 years ago. Of course, the true allure of Ferrari's brand image has a lot more to do with their driving experience than the simple overall condition of their cars.

Being one of the very few automobiles to have a high performance engine, the engineers were clearly given a ton of creative freedom. This comes in the form of a 4.9-liter V12 powerhouse which was the top tier unit for its time. In the car’s prime, it would have been more than capable of handling the winding roads of the country and barreling straights of a racing track. Topping everything off is a five-speed manual transaxle connected to a limited slip differential putting power to the ground. Overall, it’s a great example of one of the world’s fastest 1980s sports cars which is exactly why you should consider it for your garage.

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