Serial Criminal Released Via 'Clerical Error' And Went On To Ram Police Cars

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Serial Criminal Released Via 'Clerical Error' And Went On To Ram Police Cars
Serial Criminal Released Via 'Clerical Error' And Went On To Ram Police Cars

George Leachman, 43, faces severe legal repercussions following his latest encounter with the Indianapolis Metro Police Department (IMPD). The Marion County Prosecutor’s Office has filed a habitual offender enhancement against Leachman, who has a troubling history of confrontations with law enforcement.

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The incident, which occurred on November 4, involved Leachman allegedly ramming an IMPD cruiser multiple times with a stolen truck bearing expired plates. This dangerous act was not an isolated instance; previous records indicate that Leachman has a history of violent encounters, including a 2018 conviction for battery resulting in bodily injury to a pregnant woman and a 2019 conviction for resisting law enforcement.


The November 4 encounter unfolded near East Naomi Street and Lawton Avenue, where Leachman, after a brief stop, reportedly launched an aggressive attack on the police cruiser and fled the scene. Despite sustaining damage to the vehicle, the officer in question managed to pursue and subsequently apprehend Leachman.

Leachman's charges for the November incident are grave and include resisting law enforcement with a prior conviction, criminal recklessness, resisting law enforcement with bodily injury, and criminal mischief with damages. This alarming pattern of behavior is further compounded by reports of Leachman damaging at least eight IMPD squad cars over recent years.

Additionally, Leachman was implicated in another serious altercation on February 25, where he reportedly used a Ford F250 to ram three patrol cars in an attempt to evade arrest. The truck, identified as stolen property from Allen County, became the center of a high-stakes pursuit that culminated in police officers firing multiple rounds. This incident resulted in injuries to three IMPD officers and significant damage to their vehicles. Bodycam footage released by the IMPD brings the intensity of the situation to light.

With an initial hearing already conducted on November 9, the case against Leachman is progressing, marking another chapter in his lengthy and tumultuous history with law enforcement.