Shaq Wants To Talk To Dodge About Collaboration

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Shaq Wants To Talk To Dodge About Collaboration
Shaq Wants To Talk To Dodge About Collaboration

Shaquille O’Neal, the four-time NBA champion, has never been shy about showcasing his love for custom vehicles. Recently, this towering basketball legend hinted at expanding his vehicular passion through a potential collaboration with Michigan's renowned car manufacturer, Dodge.

O’Neal's collection recently saw the addition of a 'Black Superman'-themed Dodge Charger Hellcat, masterfully crafted by customizer Eric Forbes. Not just stopping there, O’Neal's latest addition is part of a 'Hellcat triplet' with two more in distinct grey and burgundy shades. The burgundy Hellcat is set to receive a ‘police’ theme transformation, further illustrating Shaq's distinct taste.


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The extravagance doesn't stop at the Hellcats. Shaq’s collection includes two 2023 Hellcat Demons and a pricier Hellcat Convertible. Collectively, the cost of these stunning machines is around $300,000. But for someone with a net worth of $400 million, these purchases are just another testament to his refined tastes.

The basketball star's recent Instagram showcase of his Dodge collection ended with a spontaneous shout-out: "Hey Dodge! Call me up! Diesel X Dodge!” The post left many speculating on a possible collaboration between O’Neal's brand 'Diesel’s Dog Mafia' and Dodge. Given the public hint, it wouldn't be a surprise if an exciting venture emerges soon.

Beyond his love for Dodge, O’Neal's garage also houses other marvels. He has a particular affinity for the elegance of British-manufactured Rolls-Royces. His most recent acquisition, a black Mansory Rolls Royce Phantom, underwent customization to don the 'Superman' theme by West Coast Customs. Furthermore, his $1.3 million Rolls Royce Cullinan sports the same iconic 'Superman' logo, reflecting his signature style.

Yet, Shaq’s passion doesn’t limit itself to cars. He owns a 14-foot black and chrome chopper, courtesy of Orange County Choppers. And in true O’Neal fashion, the massive motorcycle also boasts the emblematic 'Superman' logo. As he continues to merge his love for customization with luxury vehicles, fans and automobile enthusiasts eagerly anticipate what the NBA legend might unveil next.