Finally, a 2023 Chevy K5 Blazer

Finally, a 2023 Chevy K5 Blazer photo
Finally, a 2023 Chevy K5 Blazer photo

Ever wonder out loud, "Why doesn't Chevy make the Blazer anymore?" And then someone says "Chevy still makes the Blazer, silly! It's this." And then they pull up a picture of a Camaro crossover. That's not a Blazer. That was never a Blazer. Leave it to the aftermarket to fix that.

If you're at SEMA this year, you'll see the work of a company called Flat Out Autos. Known for making a modern GMC Jimmy—as well as new Tahoes with classic K5 fascias—it's also built a new Blazer. It's an actual 4x4 based on a full-size Silverado that we can all enjoy. It doesn't have the big 6.2-liter or Multimatic shocks, but It's been heavily modified in the right direction, and it's a truck a lot of people would buy if they could.

The build took months and was carefully documented on the company's Instagram page. It started life as a bone-stock single-cab Silverado 1500. Major changes have been made on the outside to complete the look, but a lot is going on underneath, too. The truck has 37-inch Nitto Trail Grapplers, long-travel suspension from Dirt King with custom Fox coilovers, and a Whipple blower on the 5.3-liter small block.


The outside of the truck is the most striking, though. Along with flared fenders, the bed is capped by an exposed carbon fiber roof from Sankuer Composite Technologies. The four-wheeler has also been repainted from its stock white to Glacier Blue Metallic, along with other nods to the top-dog Silverado ZR2. A roll bar in the back and seats in the bed make it all worthy of the Blazer name.

SEMA just started today, and this truck will be a part of the Battle of the Builders competition. For what it's worth, it all looks very complete. Seemingly no bolt was left unturned, with the interior of the truck receiving a ton of attention as well. This thing isn't just slapped together inside with some heavy tint on the windows; it's the full package.

So if you've ever been curious about what a more truck-y Chevy Blazer would look like these days, here's your answer. Stop to see it at booth 23685 if you get the chance and once you have, make sure to send Chevrolet an email with a subject line reading: "BUILD THIS PLEASE."

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