Shoppers in Their 60s Say Amazon’s Best-Selling, Celebrity-Worn Body Makeup Covers Veins and Sunspots

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Margot Robbie has used it.

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Amazon/ InStyle

I adore body makeup. Like face makeup, however, some formulas have failed me: By transferring onto a friend’s baby blue blouse, caking so as to reveal its makeup-ness, or, much to my boyfriend’s chagrin, staining our previously crisp-white sheets. Until I tried Westmore Beauty’s Body Coverage Perfector, I hadn’t found a truly budge-proof formula with ample coverage and a skin like finish once dry. Westmore’s, which happens to be Amazon’s best-selling body concealer, is entirely worry-proof. What’s more, it delivers the most skin-like wear of any body makeup I’ve tried.



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The Westmore Beauty Body Coverage Perfector is a medium to high-coverage foundation formulated for the body. Designed to enhance skin below your chin — including the décolletage, limbs, and torso — it covers imperfections, including age spots and blemishes, and blurs varicose veins. Transfer-proof and waterproof, the formula stays on skin sans smudging or sweating off. Ergo, it’s perfect for warmer weather, where it works with shorts and even the tiniest bikinis — whether you’re lounging poolside or splashing around.

Available in 11 shades (two of which I own; I use a deeper hue to contour), the formula is the most buildable I’ve ever experienced. Regardless of how many layers you apply, it dries into an incredibly believable, skin-like finish that’s somewhere between matte and radiant. (Unlike others I’ve tried, this formula is sparkle-free.) Typically, a single coat blurs to a degree that’s satisfying, almost filter-like.  Per the instructions, I wait a few minutes between layers, if I do apply more than a single coat. Once finished, I wait a few more minutes before I throw on my outfit for the day.

As with any foundation, Westmore’s can be slathered and blended using your fingers. My method of choice, however, is the brand’s big, fluffy body brush, which, in addition to simplifying the application process, feels chinchilla-soft against my skin.

This body makeup truly outlasts sweat, and makes good on its promise of being budge-proof. TBH, removal requires a bit of scrubbing (a testament to its waterproof wear, shower streams alone fail to remove it). Per the brand, this foundation actually offers days-long wear. I’ve yet to test the claim myself, but I believe it.

Another locale in which Westmore’s body makeup has been road tested: the red carpet. Per the brand, celebrity makeup artist Pati Dubroff has used the formula on Margot Robbie in the past. Mélanie Inglessis, creator of Ana de Armas’s recent Oscars beauty look, has also turned to the body perfector to ready clients, including Julianne Hough.

Shoppers swear by Westmore’s body makeup. One shopper, who has tried “a ton” of foundations, calls Westmore’s the best: “It covers sun spots on my arms and legs,” they share, “without looking cakey.” Another shopper in their 60s said the makeup is so effective, it “covers all types of blemishes, even varicose veins [and] sun spots.”

For smoother-looking skin on your limbs and beyond, shop the Westmore Beauty Body Coverage Perfector. The waterproof body makeup has been road tested on the red carpet, and in IRL by yours truly, with stellar results.

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