This Slang-Filled Indian-Market MG Brochure Is Nuts

mg brochure
This Indian-Market MG Brochure Is NutsMG

Electric cars are lit, fam. That's the message that MG of India wants to communicate. In a vibrant, slang-filled brochure for its new Comet EV (first unearthed by The Autopian), the company lays out an... uh... interesting case for the car.

"The Comet’s got enough doors and enough space for your fam," the brochure reads. "And that’s a flex. Just like us, it’s kinda got main character energy around town.

Late on the page, MG adds: "It’s electric, but not just for woke reasons. It legit saves a ton of money."

MG is clearly targeting a Gen-Z audience with this electric city car, which makes sense, we just aren't sure the company has stuck the landing. The brochure for the microcar has "how do you do, fellow kids?" energy, with subheads like "Tech vibe for the comet tribe." At the end, there's a selection of stickers and graphics packages you can order directly from MG.

30 rock how do you do fellow kids

If that has captured your interest, I have bad news. The MG Comet will not be sold in America. Real bruh moment, I know. But don't worry. We'll sure it'll be added to Fortnite, or the Metaverse, or wherever The Teens are hanging out these days.


For a more in-depth look at the MG, take a look at the brochure and Jason Torchinsky's in-depth post on The Autopian.

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